To Be A Good Soul

Someone said something to me recently that really got me thinking.

She said, “I’m just tired of being good. It seems like all I do is get hurt, because no one else chooses to be a good soul.”


I definitely see where she’s coming from. I get hurt all the time by people who just love to take whatever you can give. Sometimes they don’t even mean it; sometimes they are really good people at heart! But they use you for what they need at a given moment, and they don’t see how it can hurt when they’re done.

If any of you can relate to this, I’m truly sorry. Believe me, I know it’s hard. But that’s no reason to stop being who you are.

If you are kind, be kind. Don’t let negativity in the world discourage you. If you are selfless, be selfless! Don’t let the selfishness of others make you change who you are.

To be a good soul can be challenging. It’s supposed to be challenging. It’s easy to be selfish and unkind– that’s why you run into so many people like that. But if you’re one of the good guys, stay one of the good guys. Continue to give. Continue to believe in people.

I always say that if you’re a person who “pours into” others constantly– if you give all the time while getting nothing in return– you’ll be left empty at the end of the day. Here's the truth, though: there are people who will pour back into you. There are more good souls out there. There are people who will not take advantage of you, use you, or manipulate you.

Wait for them.

You deserve people who are ready to be good souls with you. You deserve friendships and relationships that pour into you, build you up, put you first. Wait for them.

Here's some more truth: settling for anything less will never fulfill you. No matter how hard you force it or how much you tell yourself that it's working for you -- it is unfair, and there is better out there.

To be a good soul is to be challenged – daily – by people who are unlike you. To remain a good soul even when challenged is to be spectacular.

So be spectacular.