hey, it's nice to meet you


My name is Michaela Patafio, and I am a fourth-year honors student at The University of Georgia. I'm a raised-by-Yankees Georgia peach with an affinity for brunch and dancing around the kitchen. I fiercely believe in the power of a grateful heart and my mother's chicken noodle soup. 

LIKES: gold foil-stamped stationery, chicken nuggets, front porches, Christmas, the dawgs, and hugging people who try to shake my hand

DISLIKES: negativity, indifference, and reckless drivers (they just make me anxious)

PERSONAL MOTTO: "meet them, love them, ignite them"

My dream is for everyone in the world to understand how special, worthy, deserving, and capable they are. And even though I intend to accomplish a lot of cool, concrete things of my own along the way, I ultimately want to become the spark that ignites a whole chain reaction of people achieving their dreams. 

Because when people believe in themselves, anything is possible.